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   $operand as cntk.variable,
   $pooling-type as String,
   $pooling-window-shape as cntk.shape,
   $strides as cntk.shape,
   $lower-pad as (Number|String)[],
   $upper-pad as (Number|String)[],
   [$ceil-out-dim as Boolean],
   [$include-pad as Boolean],
   [$name as String]
) as cntk.function


The pooling operations compute a new tensor by selecting the maximum or average value in the pooling input. In the case of average pooling with padding, the average is only over the valid region. N-dimensional pooling allows to create max or average pooling of any dimensions, stride or padding. This function has the same functionality as cntk:pooling, with the additional ability of specify lower and upper pad values.

$operand The operand of the operation.
$pooling-type The pooling type of the operation. Can be either "Max" or "Average".
$pooling-window-shape Dimensions of the pooling window.
$strides Strides.
$lower-pad Lower pad lengths.
$upper-pad Upper pad lengths.
$ceil-out-dim Ceiling while computing output size. Default false.
$include-pad Include pad while average pooling. Default false.
$name The name of the function instance in the network.

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