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   $x as cntk.variable,
   [$loc as Number],
   [$scale as Number],
   [$seed as (Number|String)],
   [$name as String]
) as cntk.function


Create an instance of a Gumbel random operation. This produces random numbers with the shape and dynamic axes specified by the operand, distributed according to the Gumbel distribution with the specified location and scale

$x Cntk variable (input, output, parameter, or constant) from which to copy the shape, data type, and dynamic axes.
$loc Location of the distribution.
$scale Scale of the distribution.
$seed Pseudo random number generator seed (default: automatically select a unique seed).
$name The name of the function instance in the network.


  var inputVariable1 = cntk.inputVariable(cntk.shape([3]), "float", fn.false(),
    fn.false(), "feature")
  cntk.gumbelRandomLike(inputVariable1, 1231.1, 28.6, 1220, "EsgTg")
  => cntk.function(Composite RandomDistribution ())

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