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   $operand as cntk.variable,
   $additional-parameters as Object
) as cntk.function


Construct an embedding layer based and apply on operand. An embedding layer does a matrix multiplication of a look-up table with the input. The look-up table can be learnable parameter (init), or fixed (weight).

$operand The operand of the operation.

"shape": cntk:shape. The shape of the output of this layer.

"init": xs:double, or cntk:value, or cntk:initializer. Default: cntk:glorot-uniform-initializer(). Initial value of the look-up table. Learnable. weight cannot be given.

"weight": cntk:value. User supplied look-up table. Non learnable. init cannot be given.

"name": xs:string. Default: ""

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