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   $forestIDs as xs:unsignedLong*,
   $pathname as xs:string,
   [$incremental-dir as xs:string?],
   [$journal-archiving as xs:boolean?],
   [$journal-archive-path as xs:string?],
   [$lag-limit as xs:unsignedLong?],
   [$backup-kek-id as xs:string?],
   [$backup-passphrase as xs:string?]
) as xs:unsignedLong


Starts an asynchronous incremental backup of the specified list of forests to the backup data directory. Optionally starts journal archiving of the specified list of forests to the specified journal archive directory. Returns a job ID that uniquely identifies the backup task.

forestIDs A sequence of forest IDs.
pathname A backup data directory pathname. The directory must exist and be writable by the operating system user under which MarkLogic Server is running. The directory cannot be the MarkLogic Server install directory or the MarkLogic Server data directory.
incremental-dir An incremental backup directory.
journal-archiving Whether or not to enable journal archiving. Defaults to false.
journal-archive-path Path to where archived journals are stored. Defaults to the backup data directory.
lag-limit Maximum difference in seconds that the archived journal can lag behind its forest's active journal. Defaults to 15.
backup-kek-id An backup key encryption key (KEK) that can be used to encrypt this backup. This parameter is only applicable when encryption is enabled for use with an external KMS.
backup-passphrase An backup passphrase that can be used to encrypt this backup. If the full backup was encrypted with a passphrase, the passphrase here must be the same.

Required Privileges

This operation requires at least one of the following privileges:



Usage Notes

You cannot restore to a read-only forest.

Reindexing will stop while a backup or restore is in progress.

The backup directory must exist on each host that has a forest specified in the database backup call (that is, the d-nodes in which the forests being backed up are hosted).

If enabling journal archiving, all forests must belong to the same database.


=> 33030877979801813489

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