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   uri as String[],
   query as cts.query,
   [output-kind as String]
) as Sequence


Returns a Sequence of all entries that are found by looking up terms in the query and/or subqueries of $query in the thesaurus document(s) at $uri.

uri The URI of the thesaurus document(s).
query A cts.query item from any of the cts.*Query functions ( cts.wordQuery, cts.andQuery, etc.).
output-kind The kind of the returned items. If "elements", xml elements are returned; if "objects", javascript objects are returned.

The default value is "objects".


  var thsr = require("/MarkLogic/thesaurus");
  thsr.queryLookup("/myThsrDocs/thesaurus.xml", cts.wordQuery("weary"))
   => returns the thesaurus entry for the term "weary"

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