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   namespace as String,
   local-name as String,
   document-uri as String,
   database as (Number|String),
   role-names as String[]
) as (Number|String)


Creates a new amp in the system database for the context database.

If the tuple ($namespace, $local-name, $document-uri, $database) is not unique, an error is returned.

If one of the $role-names does not identify a role, an error is returned.

If the current user is limited to granting only his/her roles, and $role-names is not a subset of the current user's roles, then an error is returned.

Returns the amp-id.

namespace Namespace of the function to which the amp applies.
local-name Name of function to which the amp applies.
document-uri URI of the module in which the function is located.
database Database ID in which the module is located. If the module is on the filesystem (in the Modules directory), specify xs:unsignedLong(0).
role-names Roles that should be temporarily assumed while the amp is in effect.

Required Privileges

and for role assignment:
http://marklogic.com/xdmp/privileges/grant-all-roles or

Usage Notes

This function must be executed against the security database.


// execute this against the security database

const sec = require('/MarkLogic/security.xqy');
 // Creates an amp for the function "my-amp" in the MyModule.xqy module that
    temporarily grants users the "Developer" role. 

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