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   node as Node,
   config as Object
) as Sequence


This function transforms an XML document to JSON and returns an object.

node The node to transform. The node must be a node that was transformed from JSON (for example, as the result of a json:transform-from-json call with the basic strategy or from JSON that was loaded using the REST API).
config The configuration object representing the strategy.

Usage Notes

The supplied document (element or document node) is transformed to JSON using the default (basic) strategy and returned as an object. The object will be either a json:object or json:array.

When the default "basic" strategy is used, the XML node must be in the http://marklogic.com/xdmp/json/basic namespace.

See Also


const json = require('/MarkLogic/json/json.xqy');

json.transformToJsonObject( xdmp.unquote('<root><key>value</key></root>'), json.config('full'))

/* The following JSON Object is produced:
  "root": {
    "_children": [
        "key": { 
        "_children": ["value"]
} */

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