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xdmp functions (Update)

The update built-in functions are XQuery functions to perform update-related tasks such as loading documents, inserting nodes into documents, and so on.

37 functions
Function name Description
xdmp.collectionDelete Deletes from the database every document in a collection.
xdmp.directoryCreate Creates a directory.
xdmp.directoryDelete Deletes a directory and all of its child and descendant documents and directories from the database.
xdmp.documentAddCollections Adds the named document to the given collections.
xdmp.documentAddPermissions Adds the given permissions to the given document or directory.
xdmp.documentAddProperties Adds a sequence of properties to the properties of a document.
xdmp.documentAssign Assign a document URI to a forest index, using the same algorithm as xdmp:document-insert.
xdmp.documentDelete Deletes a document from the database.
xdmp.documentInsert Inserts a new document into the database if a document with the specified URI does not already exist.
xdmp.documentLoad Inserts a new document with the specified URI.
xdmp.documentPartitionAssign Assign a document to a partition number, using the partition queries in the database or in the second argument.
xdmp.documentPutMetadata Adds metadata to the document.
xdmp.documentRemoveCollections Removes the named document from the given collections.
xdmp.documentRemoveMetadata Removes metadata with certain keys from a document.
xdmp.documentRemovePermissions Removes the given permissions from the named document or directory.
xdmp.documentRemoveProperties Removes a sequence of properties from the properties of a document.
xdmp.documentSetCollections Sets the named document to belong to the given collections, replacing any previously set collections on the named document.
xdmp.documentSetMetadata Sets metadata to the document.
xdmp.documentSetPermissions Sets the permissions on the named document (or directory) to the given permissions, replacing any permissions previously set on the document (or directory).
xdmp.documentSetProperties Sets the properties of a document to the given sequence of elements, replacing any properties that already exist on the document.
xdmp.documentSetProperty Sets a property on a document.
xdmp.documentSetQuality Sets the quality of the document with the given URI.
xdmp.load [DEPRECATED: use xdmp:document-load instead] Inserts a new document from the XML file at $path if a document with the specified URI does not already exist.
xdmp.lockAcquire Acquire a lock on a document or directory for an extended amount of time.
xdmp.lockForUpdate Acquires an intent exclusive transaction lock on a URI.
xdmp.lockRelease Unlock a document or directory.
xdmp.merge Starts merging the forests of the database, subject to specified options.
xdmp.merging Returns the forest IDs of any currently merging database forests.
xdmp.nodeDelete Deletes a node from the database.
xdmp.nodeInsertAfter Adds an immediately following sibling to a node.
xdmp.nodeInsertBefore Adds an immediately preceding sibling to a node.
xdmp.nodeInsertChild Adds a new last child to a node.
xdmp.nodeReplace Replaces a node.
xdmp.partitionForests Returns a sequence of forest IDs with the specified partition number
xdmp.queryPartitions This function returns the partition numbers of the partitions that the specified query will be searched on.
xdmp.rangePartitionForests Given a value, the function returns a list of forests that have ranges the value falls into.
xdmp.save Serializes a node as text and saves it to a file.