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SQL Data Modeling Guide (PDF)

SQL Data Modeling Guide — Chapter 7

Connecting Qlik to MarkLogic Server

This chapter describes how to connect and configure Qlik for use with MarkLogic Server. The procedure described in this chapter assumes you have first installed the MarkLogic ODBC driver and configured it as an ODBC data source on the client server, as described in Installing and Configuring the MarkLogic Server ODBC Driver.

  1. Open Qlik Desktop
  2. Click on CREATE A NEW APP.

  1. Provide a name for the new app and select Open app.

  2. Select Add data.

  3. In the Select a data source window, select ODBC.

  4. In the Add data window, select System DSN, the name of the MarkLogic ODBC driver (MarkLogicSQL), enter your MarkLogic Server login credentials. (You must have the view-admin role on MarkLogic Server). Click forward button at the bottom of the window.

  5. In the Tables pane, select the tables you want to use. This will populate the Data preview with the view data.

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