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Messages and Codes Reference Guide (PDF)

Messages and Codes Reference Guide — Chapter 1


This document is a reference guide to MarkLogic Server and MarkLogic Application Services error and log messages. Message text is included for all errors. Possible causes and suggested responses are included for many messages.

Organization of This Book

Each product or product feature has a unique acronym that forms the beginning of its error codes. In this guide, messages are grouped by product/feature acronym, and then by error code within each group. The product/feature acronyms are described in this table:.

FeatureId Description
ADMIN Admin Interface/API
ALERT Alerting API, from the XQuery library module alert.xqy
CPF Content Processing Framework
DBG Debugging, available only when debug level logging is enabled
DHF Microsoft Office document converter
DLS Library Services
FLEXREP Flexible Replication
HADOOP MarkLogic Server integrations with Hadoop
ICN PDF document converter
JS Server-Side JavaScript
OI Stellent Outside In document converter
PKG Packaging features of the Configuration Manager
PKI Public Key Infrastructure in support of SSL, from the XQuery library module pki.xqy
PROF Profiling
RDT Redaction
REST MarkLogic REST API and rest:* functions
SEARCH Search API, from the XQuery library module search.xqy
SEC Security
SER XML Serialization
SQL SQL Data Modeling and ODBC interface
SVC Mark Logic Server service layer, usually related to OS or system and network protocol errors.
TDE Template Driven Extraction
THSR Thesaurus API
TRGR Triggers
TS Tiered Storage
VIEW SQL Data Modeling
X509 X.509 certificates, in support of SSL
XDMP MarkLogic Server core
XI XInclude modular document management
XSLT XSLT transformation.

Error Code

Each MarkLogic error message has a unique error code of the form:


The featureId identifies the product or product feature related to the message. The errorId uniquely identifies the error within that product or product feature. Use the error code to quickly locate a message within this guide.

If the MarkLogic error code corresponds to an error condition defined by a related W3C standard, the standard's error code is also listed.

Message Text

The message text in this guide is the text produced by MarkLogic, with symbolic names substituted for the dynamic, context-sensitive portions. The symbolic names are:

variableN - A piece of dynamic information, generated at runtime. For example, the name of a database, the value of a configuration parameter, or a snippet of incorrect code.exception_stack - Related, cascading errors. Errors reported in the exception_stack often report the underlying problem that caused the most recently reported problem.


The Cause section for an error lists possible causes whenever possible. The root cause of an error is usually very context dependent, so the actual cause of your error may not be covered.


The Response section for an error suggests possible solutions or things to check. The root cause of an error is usually very context dependent, so the actual best solution to your problem may not be covered.

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