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   regions as cts.region[]
) as Sequence


Convert cts:region values into GeoJSON object nodes.

regions Zero or more cts:region values to convert to GeoJSON.

Usage Notes

The GeoJSON Point node includes additional information that is not retained in the cts:point value. In particular, the altitude part of the point value will be dropped. Therefore two GeoJSON points at the same latitude and longitude with different altitude will nevertheless have equal cts:point values.

The return Sequence contains JSON object nodes conforming to the GeoJSON representation.

See Also


var geojson = require("/MarkLogic/geospatial/geojson");

    cts.point(5.0,1.0), cts.point(8.0,1.0),
    cts.point(8.0,6.0), cts.point(5.0,7.0)

==> A Sequence containing a JSON object node that represents a
    GeoJSON polygon similar to the following:
{ "type": "Polygon", 
  "coordinates": [
      [[1.0, 5.0], [1.0, 8.0], [6.0, 8.0], [7.0, 5.0], [1.0, 5.0]]

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