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   model as Object
) as objectNode()


This function is deprecated and will not be supported in MarkLogic 11.
Generate a database configuration artifact from a basic model. This data facilitates creating range indexes and lexicons required for searching instance data.

model A valid basic entity model.

Usage Notes

This function produces JSON database configuration properties that you can use to configure a MarkLogic database. You can use the generated artifact as-is in an ml-gradle project, or customize it slightly for use with the REST Management API.

The configuration data includes a range index definition for each entity type property specified in a rangeIndex property in the input model. Similarly, the configuration data includes a word lexicon definition for each property specified in a wordLexicon property in the input model. These indexes and lexicon definitions are compatible with the query options you can generate using es.searchOptionsGenerate function.

Your application might require additional database configuration. You can use the output of this function as a starting place from which to expand.

See Also


const es = require('/MarkLogic/entity-services/entity-services');

es.databasePropertiesGenerate( es.modelValidate(
{ "info": { 
    "title": "Example", 
    "description": "ES Examples",
    "version": "1.0.0",
  "definitions": {
    "Name" : {
      "properties": {
        "first": { "datatype": "string" },
        "middle": { "datatype": "string" },
        "last": { "datatype": "string" }
      "required": ["first", "last"]
    "Person": {
      "properties": {
        "id": { "datatype": "int" },
        "name": { 
          "$ref": "#/definitions/Name", 
        "bio": { "datatype": "string" },
        "rating": { "datatype": "float" },
        "phone": {
          "datatype": "array",
          "items": { "datatype": "string"}
        "friend": {
          "datatype" : "array",
          "items": { "$ref" : "#/definitions/Person" }
      "required": ["id", "name"],
      "primaryKey" : "id",
      "rangeIndex": ["rating"],
      "wordLexicon": ["bio"]

/*  A database configuration artifact similar to the following, as
 *  a JSON object node. You can use it as-is in an ml-gradle project,
 *  or set the values of the "database-name" and "schema-database"
 *  properties and use it with POST /manage/LATEST/databases to create
 *  a new database with this configuration.

{ "database-name": "%%DATABASE%%",
  "schema-database": "%%SCHEMAS_DATABASE%%",
  "path-namespace": [ {
      "prefix": "es",
      "namespace-uri": "http://marklogic.com/entity-services"
  } ],
  "element-word-lexicon": [ {
      "collation": "http://marklogic.com/collation/en",
      "localname": "bio",
      "namespace-uri": ""
  } ],
  "range-path-index": [ {
      "collation": "http://marklogic.com/collation/en",
      "invalid-values": "reject",
      "path-expression": "//es:instance/Person/rating",
      "range-value-positions": false,
      "scalar-type": "float"
  } ],
  "triple-index": true,
  "collection-lexicon": true

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