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   uri as String,
   properties as Node[]
) as null


This function sets the properties of a document to the given sequence of elements. With the exception of the Library Services properties, any properties that already exist on the document are replaced. To preserve existing document properties, use dls.documentAddProperties . Each element QName is the property name and the element value is the property value.

Note that properties are not maintained in version history unless changes are also made to the content of the document.

uri The URI of the document.
properties The properties to be set for the document.

Required Privileges

The dls-user role is required to run this function, or the privilege:

Modifying properties requires update permissions on a document.

Usage Notes

You cannot set any property nodes in the DLS namespace.


// The 'priority' and 'status' properties are set to the 'baz.xml' document.

  const dls = require('/MarkLogic/dls');
  const properties = [
    new NodeBuilder().addElement('priority', '1').toNode(),
    new NodeBuilder().addElement('status', 'unedited').toNode()];
  dls.documentAddProperties('/foo/bar/baz.xml', properties);

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