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   [message as xs.anyAtomicType],
   [valueN as xs.anyAtomicType,...]
) as null


Logs an info-level message to the App Server log file <install_dir>/Logs/<port>_ErrorLog.txt; where <install_dir> is the MarkLogic install directory, and <port> is the port number of the current App Server or "TaskServer" if the current request is running on the Task Server.

message If the first argument contains any placeholders, each placeholder is replaced with the converted value from its corresponding argument. Here are the placeholders:
  • %s - String
  • %d - Number (both integer and float)
  • %j - JSON. Replaced with the string '[Circular]' if the argument contains circular references.
  • % - single percent sign ('%'). This does not consume an argument.
valueN A value.


const count = 5;
console.log("count: %d", count);

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