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DELETE /v1/config/query/(default|{name})/{child-element}


Remove an option setting from the named query options.


MarkLogic Server returns status 204 Deleted status.

Required Privileges

This operation requires the rest-admin role, or the following privileges:




Usage Notes

{child-element} should be the name of a child element of a search:options node. For an option summary, see PUT /v1/config/query/(default|{name}). For details, see Appendix: Query Options Reference in the Search Developer's Guide.

If {child-element} is unrecognized, this request does nothing. If the named query options contain multiple occurrences of the child element, MarkLogic Server deletes all occurrences. For example, DELETE /v1/config/query/my-options/constraint deletes all <constraint/> elements of "my-options".

For more details, see Configuring Query Options in the REST Application Developer's Guide.

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