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DELETE /v1/alert/rules/{name}


Delete an alerting rule previously installed using PUT /v1/alert/rules/{name}.

URL Parameters
database? Perform this operation on the named content database instead of the default content database associated with the REST API instance. Using an alternative database requires the "eval-in" privilege; for details, see Security Requirements in the REST Application Developer's Guide.


MarkLogic Server responds with status 204 (Deleted), even if there is no rule installed with the given name.

If the Alerting API is not enabled, MarkLogic Server returns status 403.

Required Privileges

This operation requires the rest-writer role, or the following privilege:


Usage Notes

For details, see Alerting in the REST Application Developer's Guide and Creating Alerting Applications in the Search Developer's Guide.


$ curl --anyauth --user user:password -X DELETE -i \

==> The rule installed under the name "example" is deleted. MarkLogic
    Server responds with output similar to the following:

HTTP/1.1 204 Deleted
Server: MarkLogic
Content-Length: 0
Connection: Keep-Alive
Keep-Alive: timeout=5

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