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DELETE /manage/v2/databases/{id|name}/view-schemas/{id|name}


This resource address deletes the named SQL View Schema from the database. The database can be identified either by id or name.

URL Parameters
format The format of the posted data. Can be either html, json, or xml (default). This parameter is not meaningful with view=edit. This value overrides the Accept header if both are present.
delete-views Set to true to delete the views in the schema, or false to preserve the views.
Request Headers
Accept The expected MIME type of the response. If the format parameter is present, it takes precedence over the Accept header.


If the View Schema does not exist, a status code of 204 (No Content) is returned. A status code of 401 (Unauthorized) is returned if the user does not have the necessary privileges.

Required Privileges

This operation requires the manage-admin role, or the following privilege:



curl -X DELETE --anyauth -u admin:admin --header "Content-Type:application/json" \

==>  Deletes the "main" SQL View Schema from the "Schemas" database. 

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